Limoges' excellence

Skills and excellence

Recognised by UNESCO, Limoges is part of the global network of creative cities.
Arts of fire deeply mark the city’s identity, at the crossroads of artistic creation and industrial innovation. Raise your eyes because in Limoges porcelain appears on the façades of wealthy houses or on the fountains.
Don’t miss Louis Blanc Boulevard, an authentic porcelain and enamel boulevard thanks to its numerous shops offering porcelain of classic or unexpected shapes and the latest enamelling creations. A real invitation to shopping !


Whiteness, finesse, translucency and diversity of decorations found the international reputation of Limoges.


Limoges’ first “email” is more than a thousand years old. Nothing to do with the Internet because in Limoges, “émail” (enamel) gives the plural “émaux” (enamels). It refers to a copper plate, or a...

Stained glass

After the glory days of the medieval period, in which the openings of Gothic churches started displaying magnificent stained glass windows (Saint-Michel-des-Lions and Saint-Pierre-du-Queyroix chur...