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From ancient relics to Art Deco architecture, "Arts du feu" and industriel adventure, 2000 years of history have forged a wealth of objects, architectures and know-how in Limoges

Limoges's diverse heritage and imposing monuments can be surprising : Saint-Etienne cathedral, which dominates the River Vienne valley, or the Saint-Michel-des-Lions church. Even the architecture of the 20th century is grandiose like the emblematic Bénédictins railway station, with its unusual oriental look, ESTER Technopole, wich looks like a huge saucer, the "Zenith", concert hall, which appears as a musical bubble of glass and wood in a greenery case.

Saint-Etienne Cathedral

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The construction of this Gothic edifice lasted 6 centuries, beginning in 1273 and ending in the late 19th century. The beauty of the Gothic flamboyant Saint John portal is magnified by th...

Saint-Martial Crypt

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Saint. Martial Benedictine abbey was built in the 9th century where the current Place de la République is located. It was an important stopover and contemplation spot for pilgrims along t...

Saint-Michel-des-Lions Church

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The church gets its name from the two stone lions guarding its southern steps. It is a remarkable sanctuary, thanks to its typical Limousin-style steeple, its vast indoor area and relics...

Saint-Pierre-du-Queyroix Church

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Saint-Pierre-du-Queyroix church, with its typical Limousin steeple, is home to an expetional series of altars and golden, wooden statues (17th and 18th centuries). Its stained glass windo...

The Bénédictins Railway Station

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Impressive is the word that comes to mind when describing Limoges's famous railway station! It was designed by Roger Gonthier, on a spot where an old Benedictine convent used to be. The p...

The Central Market Hall

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Limoges's central market hall was built between 1885 and 1889. It is a remarkable example of 19th century architecture. The metal framework's triangular shapes each weigh 14 tonnes. It wa...

The Town Hall Fountain

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This fountain was built in 1892 and 1893, and is a unique combination of pink granite, bronze and porcelain. It was designed by Gennuys, the assistant head teacher of The Decorative Arts...

The University's Law School

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The 17th-century hotel of La Bastide is devoted to the University's Law School. For its renovation in 1996, the architect Massimilio Fuksas associated the initial structure with a contemp...


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Imagined by Bernard Tschumi, this building made of Limousin Douglas pine wood and wrapped in polycarbonate fits perfectly, thanks to its transparency, into the surrounding forest. With a...