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From ancient relics to Art Deco architecture, "Arts du feu" and industriel adventure, 2000 years of history have forged a wealth of objects, architectures and know-how in Limoges

Limoges's diverse heritage and imposing monuments can be surprising : Saint-Etienne cathedral, which dominates the River Vienne valley, or the Saint-Michel-des-Lions church. Even the architecture of the 20th century is grandiose like the emblematic Bénédictins railway station, with its unusual oriental look, ESTER Technopole, wich looks like a huge saucer, the "Zenith", concert hall, which appears as a musical bubble of glass and wood in a greenery case.

"Fontaine des Barres" Fountain

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This fountain is located in the middle of a square, surrounded by hotels and opulent houses. The entire square gets its name from the very old fountain built upon a well, which was protec...

BFM Multimedia Library

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Limoges multimedia library is part of a vast town planning project, destined to revitalize one of Limoges's historical quarters. Architect Pierre Riboulet succeeded in combining modern vo...

E.S.T.E.R. Limoges Technopole

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A little further to the north and looking over the town, you will find ESTER: a science park dedicated to scientific and technological exchange and research. Every morning, researchers an...

La Règle underground tunnel

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A dense network of underground tunnels is hidden away beneath the town's old quarters. Some date back to the Roman era (aqueduct), but the major part was built between the year 1000 and t...

La cour du Temple

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La cour du Temple (Temple's court) is connected to rue du Consulat by a corridor (at street n°22). It opens up onto a lovely ensemble with half timbered houses, a granite private mansion,...

Limoges City Hall

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Limoges City Hall wasinaugurated in 1883. The fact that it was built in the spot where an Antique Forum used to be, is a surprising coincidence. Architect Charles-Alfred Leclerc drew his...

Pavillon du Verdurier

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This 400 square metre old refrigerating pavilion was used to refrigerate frozen meat from Argentina, often consumed during World War 1. The reinforced concrete building is covered with sa...

Place de la Motte's Trompe-l'Oeil

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Place de la Motte's fresco is a tribute to the history of the town and neighbourhood. It is remarkably intergrated into the environment. The area's architectural details are represented...

Place du Présidial

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"Place du Présidial" is an old Regime landmark with its 17th and 18th century buildings, including "le Présidial"- a type of courthouse, the old royal intendance, Maledent hotel (which no...

Saint-Aurélien chapel

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Saint-Aurélien chapel was built in 1471 in the heart of the town's Butchers' district. Its purpose was to house the relics of the butchers' patron saint, Saint-Aurélien, who was also Limo...