Main sites and monuments in Limoges

What to see in Limoges

Once upon a time... there was stone, earth, man, the elements, and culture. Come and uncover history—both the intricate details and the bigger picture! Here, heritage is high-tech, alive and relevant! Immerse yourself in 3D reconstructions, take part in medieval festivals or come face-to-face with a building that looks like a space shuttle...

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From ancient relics to Art Deco architecture, "Arts du feu" and industriel adventure, 2000 years of history have forged a wealth of objects, architectures and know-how in Limoges


Limoges propose a large range of museums : porcelain, fine arts, enamel, History...

Skills and excellence

Recognised by UNESCO, Limoges is part of the global network of creative cities.Arts of fire deeply mark the city’s identity, at the crossroads of artistic creation and industrial innovation. Raise your...