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With a greeter

Meet a Limoges' Greeter ! Walk with one of them, he will take you to the places he love, his neighborhood, his good addresses and good deals.

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Limoges Greeters, Limoges lovers. They are fascinated by there city and welcome you as friends! Come to meet them in the streets of Limoges, in the gardens, on a hiking trail, by bicycle or in feet, during a trip shopping or a gastronomic discovery. Greeters are voluntary and are motivated by meeting other people and the cultural exchange ! 

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According to the containment directives implemented in France since March 16, our Greeters walks are forced to close until further notice. Nevertheless, we accept, as of now, registrations for walks which would be done beyond June 15th. We hope that the state of confinement will be lifted on that date.Thank you for your understanding.

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