Quiz “ Which garden suits you best ? ” - Office de tourisme de Limoges

Quiz “ Which garden suits you best ? ”

    You are :

A. Tidy and meticulous, you organise your pens by colour and size on your desk.
B. Scattered, you undertake several tasks at once and are easily overwhelmed.
C. A dreamer and artist, you are creative, but you don't always have your feet on the ground.
D. Active and enterprising, you like to bring your family together to share special moments.

    It’s Saturday, and the sun is shining. You decide to go out and get some fresh air because :

A. You want to make the most of this lovely day to observe Mother Nature and develop your botanical knowledge.
B. It’s an opportunity to recharge your batteries and reflect.
C. There’s nothing quite like it to re-engage your nose and appreciate sweet, subtle scents and fragrances.
D. It’s an opportunity to get together with friends or as a family in the great outdoors.

    In terms of design, your home is :

A. Simple, with clean lines
B. A clever composition of materials, shapes, and volumes
C. Colourful and chic
D. Decorated with natural textures and tones.

    When it comes to exercise, you prefer :

A. Gardening
B. Outdoor yoga
C. Breathing meditation
D. Gym and fitness

    Around others, would you say that you are :

A. Reserved and composed
B. Resourceful and spontaneous
C. Charming and sophisticated
D. Funny and demonstrative

Mostly As : You are reassured by order and symmetry—les jardins de l’Evêché are made for you! So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and wander! Located at the foot of the Gothic Saint-Etienne Cathedral and the former episcopal palace now occupied by the Limoges Museum of Fine Arts, these gardens are a sure winner. Staggered over several terraces overlooking the river Vienne, they hold many treasures—French-style garden, botanical garden, etc.

Mostly Bs : Whether you are feeling melancholic or in search of serenity and relaxation, you dreamers should go to Victor Thuillat Park. Over an area of 3.5 ha, this park is a beautiful example of an English-style garden—a variety of species, remarkable trees, a quietly meandering river, unusual shapes, and much more. The aesthetic here is conducive to rediscovering nature in its "wild" form. The goal: that you can enjoy Mother Nature in complete tranquillity.

Mostly Cs : Delicate and refined, you have the soul of a poet. What else is there to say? You are detail-oriented and know how to appreciate beautiful things. On the outskirts of Limoges, the City Rose Garden is home to 5,000 roses of 200 different varieties. Yellow, red, pink, white—thousands of flowers will bewitch you with their fragrance and colours. This is the ideal place for a casual stroll to awaken your eyes and your nose. The ideal period to take it all in is between May and October.

Mostly Ds : In need of a blast of fresh air— to burn of some energy, or simply to spend time as a family in a quiet and natural environment? Put on your trainers—Auzette Park is waiting for you! The park is spread over part of the banks of the Vienne and the Auzette, a river that flows into the Vienne between two bridges, Pont-Neuf and Pont Saint-Martial. You can go there to get some fresh air, go for a stroll, walk your dog or even for a jog. In places, it’s like being in the forest—the lapping of the water reflects the calm that prevails here. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed. People go to this park to chat, play basketball or watch their children play on the swings and the roundabout.