In 1768, kaolin, an essential clay to obtain ceramics comparable to Chinese porcelain, was discovered near Limoges. Whiteness, delicacy, and translucence of the porcelain, as well as the diversity of the decorations, founded the international reputation of Limoges.

Savoir-faire porcelaine

The Casseaux Porcelain Kiln Museum

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The Casseaux museum is home to the Casseaux porcelain kiln, built in 1904. Today, it is a historical and technical site dedicated to Limoges porcelain. This 19th century industrial buildi...

The Bernardaud Foundation

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Bernardaud is a registered « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant » (Live Heritage Business), with two production sites in Limousin (Limoges and Oradour- sur-Glane). There are eight Bernardaud...

The Adrien Dubouché National Museum - Limoges - "Cité de la Céramique - Sèvres & Limoges"

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The Adrien Dubouché National Museum is located in the heart of the world's fire arts capital. It presents the different techniques used for ceramic-making. It also traces back through the...

Porcelain Pavilion - Haviland Museum

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David Haviland was very fond of Limousin's "white gold". He started his business in 1842. It specialised in dinnerware and decorative porcelain, particularly in handmade gold incrustation...