BFM Multimedia Library

BFM Multimedia Library
BFM Multimedia Library
BFM Multimedia Library

Limoges multimedia library is part of a vast town planning project, destined to revitalize one of Limoges's historical quarters. Architect Pierre Riboulet succeeded in combining modern volumes (large window panes) with an 18th century building, the city's old General Hospital. The pathway between the two buildings is now a winter garden and it is impossible to see the separation from the outside. The architect harmoniously positionned the library to fit with the city's history, by positioning the buidling along the axe of the Gallo-Roman forum, which can be spotted inside the library, thanks to the atrium's mosaics. The BFM library has a francophone division with approximately 25.000 works. It is a reference library as regards French literature in France.

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L'accès aux espaces multimédia se fait sur présentation de la carte de bibliothèque et après inscription à la cyber-base. L'utilisation en est gratuite. Les espaces sont équipés de logic...

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