Major events

Major events all along the year.

Frairie des Petits Ventres






January – February

“Danse Emoi” Contemporary Dance Festival
Biennial contemporary dance event organised by the local Jean-Gagnant Cultural Centre, Danse Emoi welcomes French and foreign companies, young talents or famous choreographers, who all have in common creativity, inventiveness but also the urgency of telling us about the world through body,  movement and, sometimes, text, sound or image...

March – April

Carnaval de Limoges

Carnival : March 13th
On the second Sunday of March, children are eager to discover the multicoloured float parade of His Majesty Carnival, who, after having proudly gone up and down the streets of the city, will end his journey in the River Vienne.

Reading in Limoges (Limoges Book Fair) : aApril 1st, 2nd 3rd
“Reading in Limoges” welcomes more than 250 authors over three days under a large marquee in the downtown area, for an authentic reading celebration. The weekend is punctuated with numerous activities: book signing sessions, round-tables, exhibitions, literary awards ceremonies, games, stands, etc. “Reading in Limoges” ranks among the five most important book fairs that take place in France.

May – June

Marché de Pâques

The Annual Fair of Limoges and of Limousin (“Foire Exposition”) : April 30th - May 9th
With more than 400 exhibitors, the Annual Fair of Limoges is a nationwide reference. Each year, a particular theme helps to develop the cultural aspect of this special event, by offering, for instance, historical exhibitions (China, Egypt, Pompeii, etc).

Kaolin and Barbotine Festival
International event around early childhood. This festival takes place every two years and presents original shows and “learn and play” exhibitions for very young children. At the same time, professionals of culture and early childhood, along with the general public, can attend workshops and meetings.

Urbaka Festival : June 22 - 25th
This 4-day international street-art festival has been taking over Limoges’ squares and streets for more than 20 years. Each year, the Cristi Urbaka association selects surprising, sometimes off-the-wall artists who show the different facets of what are called “street-arts”.

The Bridges Celebration
By the end of June, Midsummer (“Saint-John’s Day”) is celebrated along the River Vienne, from Saint-Martial bridge to Saint-Etienne bridge. As a family and popular event, it offers numerous activities:  funfair, live band dancing, fireworks, sports activities, flea market, etc.

July – August

Un dimanche au jardin

Temporary Summertime Exhibitions
Each summer, Limoges displays its talents: a porcelain biennial exhibition at the town hall, artwork from famous artists at the Gallerie des Hospices, a thematic flower show in one of the city's gardens...

Journée urbaine (urban day): July 2nd
In the heart of the city, the garden of Orsay will welcome urban graff demo, street art, dance battles and concerts.

Tour de France : July 5-6th
On July 5th, the riders of the Tour de France will arrive at Limoges after 232 km from Saumur. The arrival will take place in front of the city hall (avenue Georges Dumas).

Lost in Limoges Festival : July 8-9th
The first edition of the pop rock festival waits for 15000 festival-goers during 2 days. Find the program here :

September – October

The Artists’ Market
Painters, sculptors, and multidisciplinary artists meet on the first Saturday of September, at the heart of downtown Limoges, Place de la Motte.

“Festival des Francophonies” (French Language Theatre Festival)
The world-renowned festival has led Limoges to impose itself as the capital of French language theatre creation. Through the years, the festival has welcomed dance, music, cinema and exhibitions. The opening of the Authors' House in 1993 has encouraged this artistic creation. Along the year, and during the festival, the Authors' House offers readings, meetings and discussions about issues related to the French-speaking world.

The “Boucles de la Porcelaine” Race
For the opening of the new bridge over the Vienne in 2006, a great and popular running and hiking race had been organised. With the success of the first edition, it was decided to renew this sports event every year, bringing more and more athletes together, and keeping the new bridge as starting line.The “Frairie des Petits Ventres” Annual Food Fair

The “Frairie des Petits Ventres” is a great food fair organised every year, on the third Friday of October, in the Rue de la Boucherie, a district linked with the long history of the Butchers' Guild of Limoges. This is an opportunity to get introduced to local gastronomic specialities in a fun atmosphere.

November – December

Concert de Shai Maestro - Eclats d'émail

“Eclats d’Email” Jazz Festival
Created an event both popular and festive, where local musicians mix with famous talents around jazz music: that’s the purpose of the “Eclats d’Email” Jazz Festival.

The Saints-Innocents Traditional Fair
This four-century-old traditional fair was created in 1566 by a royal edict of Charles IX, like the Saint-Loup traditional fair. Nowadays, street peddlers still gather in the city's main streets for the great popular market of the winter season (around December 28, traditional date of the Saint-Innocents).

The Winter Funfair at the Champ de Juillet
Thrill-seekers of all ages and lovers of traditional activities can brave the cold weather in a festive and playful atmosphere.

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